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Bitcoin Offers Banking to the Unbanked Billions

Could it’s Protocol Replace all of Wall Street ?

Source, World Bitcoin Network

This is the ninth video in our series called “Bitcoin as a Disruptor”.  What are the future implications of Bitcoin around the World ? This episode highlights bitcoin’s ability to provide full banking services for over half the world’s population, the unbanked billions.

Finance, accounting and distribution would become infinitely easier…..and adding 3.5 billion people into the world’s economy could bring benefits no one can foresee. 

Few realize how many unbanked there are even in the developed world. Can cutting edge technology, like bitcoin provide the ultimate solution?

Geir Solem
Cryptor Trust Inc.

The End of Western Union? – Bitcoin’s Features are Game-Changers in the World of Remittances

This is the fourth video in our series called “Bitcoin as a Disruptor”.

Ever since people have tried to send money home, perhaps 10,000 years, there have been sharks in the water trying to gobble it up. The same is true today.

Source: World Bitcoin Network

Western Union, Money Gram and others make billions each year off the poor families sending money to even poorer countries. Bitcoin can change that better than any tool the world’s ever seen. With 500 billion sloshing around in the remittance markets, there’s a lot at stack. Further it seems likely the market would be even bigger, perhaps 1 trillion if there were no fees. This is a real game-changer.

Geir Solem
Cryptor Trust Inc.