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Modelling the Price of Bitcoin – Is a $100,000 bitcoin possible?

Can the price of Bitcoin reach hundred thousand dollars, or more?

Source, World Bitcoin Network

Even if you consider the blockchain as the fundamental innovation of Bitcoin, price matters, and indeed, the higher the price, the more Bitcoin is protected.

This time we focus on price, specifically in the attempt to model the price of Bitcoin. Models may not predict the price, but the certainly provide a better understanding.

The video walk you through the concepts and challenges of modelling the price of Bitcoin. From velocity, transaction volume, supply, to all the big markets Bitcoin proposes to disrupt (hedge funds, gold, e-commerce, money supply, remittances etc).

Geir Solem
Cryptor Trust Inc.

The Bitcoin Revolution – Future implications around the world

This is the eight video in our series called “Bitcoin as a Disruptor”.  What are the future implications of Bitcoin around the World? What should we think about Bitcoin with terms of Neutrality? Will Bitcoin become widely accepted around the World?

Presentation by Andreas Antonopoulos, The Bitcoin Foundation. Source Cryptorcurrencies

Andreas discusses the philosophy and the principle of Bitcoin Neutrality, as well as the main drivers towards mass adaption of the currency.

He also look at how banking actually works around the world, and how Bitcoin could evolve in the future to meet the needs of the unbanked.

Geir Solem
Cryptor Trust Inc.

3 Elements that influence Bitcoin Value

Where does bitcoin value come from? Lets take a look at 3 elements that are intrinsic to bitcoin’s nature.

Image Source – InoHow.co.uk

Bitcoin as a New Disruptive Technology – VALUE ELEMENT #1

Bitcoin as a currency, as a payment system and as a stock cannot be separated from its nature as a new revolutionary technology.

Leaving technical concepts apart, the bitcoin system provides the base for:

– Transferring money with low or none cost to any place in the world. Global acceptance and distribution!

– Empower people to become their own bank, removing the dependance on financial institutions. Freedom!

– Empower people currently out of the banking system. Democratic!

– Avoid the deflationary effects of traditional currency. Buying power!

– Pay for goods and services while protecting your personal data. Security!

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