Buy shares with your Bitcoin in Blockchain Investment Inc. (BI) investment vehicle. Opportunity to Invest in the 4th Industrial Revolution. The placement is open for all.

About BI’s fundraising
To become a BI shareholder, investors can buy a minimum of 1.000 shares to sum of Bitcoin 0,01 or about USD 70 at the exchange rate per 7th of July 2018 (current rates at

One “mini lot” is 10.000 shares or Bitcoin 0.1, equal to approx. USD 700 with the exchange rate per 7th of July 2018,

One “lot” is 100.000 shares or Bitcoin 1, equal to approx. USD 7.000 with the exchange rate per 7th of July 2018.

Large investors can buy a block (or blocks) of shares which we define as at least  1 million shares, or Bitcoin 10, or about USD 70.000 with the exchange rate per 7th of July 2018.

BI will organize its shareholder base on the Blockchain using tokens,  which will cover all functions like voting, dividend, share issuance, trading, shareholder register, etc. Tokens representing the shares will be listed on certain decentralized exchanges.

About the Cryptor Trust Group:
Cryptor Trust, is the first and still one of the few investment groups in the world to introduce a formal capital structure based on bitcoin, holding bitcoin and blockchain related investments as its main assets as well as expanding into distributed, blockchain based finance.

Interview with Geir Solem, founder of Cryptor Trust:

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