Interview with Geir Solem on Harbour City Radio Show

Geir Solem, the founder of Cryptor Trust, a Blockchain based investment platform fully based on cryptocurrencies, will join Peter Bismark Kwofie the Host of the Online Africa Bitcoin Radio Show in Ghana on the Harbour City Radio on Saturday, November 12th at 16.40 GMT.


Geir Solem – founder of Cryptor Trust

Geir will talk will talk about the opportunities he sees for his digital Finance & Investment House in the 4th Industrial Revolution which is already underway. He thinks Africa is prime for these new technologies.

How will a distributed, decentralized, and blockchain-based financial platform open the door for people who have not banked before? How does this decentralized system empower the crowd? What are the opportunities ? Which economy will be the world largest in a few years from now (It is not the US or China).

Here is a direct link to Harbour City Radio Show

About the Cryptor Trust Group:
Cryptor Trust, is the first and still one of the few investment groups in the world to introduce a formal capital structure based on bitcoin, holding bitcoin and blockchain related investments as its main assets as well as expanding into distributed, blockchain based finance.