Cryptor Trust on OpenBazaar 2.0

Cryptor Trust vision is to evolve their investment house  into a fully decentralized and distributed peer-to-peer platforms.

The investment group just immigrated their platform to OpenBazaar 2.0 which include features like IFPS (Inter Planetary File System) and communication encryption via Tor.

Investment store available 24/7
Because this new version is built on a new technology called IPFS, OpenBazaar stores can now be accessible to buyers even when they are offline. Stores and listings can now be re-seeded by other OpenBazaar users, meaning that if a store is seeded then investors can make their investment even if they are offline.

Cryptor Trust is running their OpenBazaar 2.0 investment store fully encrypted on Tor for maximum privacy.

Integrated Wallet
The platform has an integrated wallet and accept Bitcoin and several Altcoin’s as payment.

Try the platform
We are offering shares in our latest project on the platform for interested investors. See our OpenBazaar web site here or search with our handle ‘@cryptortrust‘ using OpenBazaar search engines like  BlockBooth on the web to find us.

You need to download the platform at to be able to fully access our shop. When running the platform you find us on  OpenBazaar ID