Cryptor Trust Launch Asia Blockchain Tech Investment Vehicle

(December 9, 2015)Cryptor Trust is releasing a new investment vehicle focused on Asia’s main markets. Named Blockchain Investor Inc. (Asia), short called ‘BCA’, the company is now receiving private investors from all over the world.

The company is offering 25,000,000 (twenty five million) shares at a fix per share price of Bitcoin 0,001. All interested parties can acquire their participation in BCA until december the 31st, 8pm Hong Kong time. [Check BCA’s Prospectus for more details…]

When it comes to bitcoin, blockchain tech, and the industries within the ecosystem, Asian markets – which harbor half of the global population, most of them highly tech-friendly – hold the future.

Map of Bitcoin & Blockchain use in Asia [courtesy of Tech in Asia]

Bitcoin use in Asia

Mining & Investment are marked in red colour, Remittance & Financial Service in green, Currencies and Commodities in blue, all 3 sectors in yellow.

BCA gives everybody the opportunity to invest in Asia’s Bitcoin Blockchain industry development.

Geir Solem, investment banker and chairman at Cryptor Trust, commented, “Asia has the potential to foster the world’s leading Block Chain technology based corporations. We expect to find plenty of opportunities in China/Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, Indonesia and Pakistan, to mention some”.

BCA plans to build up a diversified portfolio of companies with regional and international scale in the bitcoin, blockchain arena, while simultaneously provide the industry with availability of long-term equity. Investments are planned with a 3 to 5 years time horizon.

Want to know more? Access the company prospectus here!

About the BCA’s fundraise:
To become a BCA shareholder, investors can buy a minimum of 20 shares, equal to Bitcoin 0,02 or USD 8 at the exchange rate per 7th of December 2015 (current rates at

One “lot” is 1000 shares or Bitcoin 1, equal to approx. USD 400 with the exchange rate per 7th of December 2015.

Large investors or institutions can buy a block (or blocks) of shares which we define as at least one million shares or about USD 400.000 with the exchange rate per 7th of December 2015.

About the Cryptor Trust Group:
CTlogo1Cryptor Trust, is the first and still one of the few investment groups to introduce a formal capital structure based on bitcoin, holding bitcoin and blockchain related investments as its main assets. The group works in cooperation with Cornupia Capital Ltd. and asset management and investment banking firm.

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