Cryptor Trust is on OpenBazaar

Cryptor Trust is expanding into decentralized peer-to-peer platforms like OpenBazaar.


OpenBazaar is another Cryptor Trust channel for investment products.  The platform accept both Bitcoin and Altcoins as payment,

OpenBazaar is an ‘Open Source’ based platform and was originally created by AmirTaaki as DarkMarket. Brian Hoffman later forked the project and renamed it OpenBazaar.

In an earlier interview with, OpenBazaar’s COO Sam Patterson explained the goals behind OpenBazaar’s feature launch: “Existing centralized marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have had decades to build up an impressive suite of features for their users. Our first release has the advantage of 0% fees and using Bitcoin, but it will be a long time before we are as feature-rich as the big platforms.”

We want to make our OpenBazaar shop to be an exciting place for our latest Bitcoin, Blockchain & FinTech related investments.

We are placing a block of shares in our latest project on the platform  for interested investors to try it out.

You need to download the platform at to be able to fully access our shop. When running the platform you find us on

OpenBazaar ID

or search with our handle ‘@cryptortrust’ using OpenBazaar search engines like  BlockBooth on the web to find us.