Cryptor Europe Inc. Announces Offering of 25 Million Crypto-Shares


Today, Cryptor Europe Inc. (CEI) announces a global placement of 25 million shares of common stock nominated in bitcoin and available for purchase using the leading digital currencies (bitcoin, litecoin and other major altcoins).

As an investment company and think tank focused on the european crypto 2.0 fields, the company operates purely on bitcoin, without the need of traditional banking services.

Cryptor Europe Inc. creates an equal playing field between the average user and the “accredited investor”, providing a unique opportunity for everybody to invest in the digital currency and crypto technology world.

Cryptor Europe Inc. main objectives are:
  1. To invest in bitcoin companies, crypto currencies and related assets throughout wider Europe, including Turkey, Russia and Israel.
  2. To be the leading investment vehicle for traditional investors as well as the average user, entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast.

With the burgeoning scenario taking place in Europe, the company offers investors a solid instrument to use their bitcoin holdings wisely.

“It is a unique opportunity for the global, and particularly the european bitcoin community to come on board and join our mission.” – Randy Brito, Board Member at Cryptor Europe Inc.

Investors can buy shares at a fixed price of bitcoin 0,001 per share. Minimum investment is 50 shares (BTC = 0,05 | USD = 18,5). 

As a guide, investors may opt to buy mini lots or lots, as standardized number of shares easier to be traded at the same time. A “mini lot” means 100 shares or BTC 0.1,  equal to approx. USD 37,5. One “lot” is 1000 shares or BTC 1, equal to approx. USD 371 (rates per Nov. 10th, ’14).

“CEI’s sell of shares is part of our continuing effort to assist the evolution of the ecosystem. Developing the infrastructure required for the industry to evolve in a sustainable way needs a long term perspective in mind. That includes tailored financial organizations and investment houses re-thinking the way to add value. That is what we do and will keep working at.” – Geir Solem, Chairman at the Cryptor Europe Inc. Board of Directors.  

The company prospectus is available for those who request it here

Cryptor Europe Inc. fundraising is taking place between November the 12th and November the 21st, closing at 8 pm London time.  All interested parties, investors, traders, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are welcome.

To learn more, visit the investor page and company prospectus at

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any shares of CEI common stock.