Cryptor Europe Inc. Plans Global Bitcoin Placement

Global Offering of Shares Nominated in Bitcoin. – Coming Soon – 

Cryptor Europe Inc. (CEI), part of the Cryptor Trust Inc’s. Group announces its plans for a global crypto currency placement. Started by experts in the crypto 2.0  and financial industries, the  CEI is ready to become one of Europe’s main players in the bitcoin investment scene.

Cryptor Europe Inc. main objectives are:

(1) to invest in bitcoin companies, crypto currencies and related assets throughout wider Europe incl. Russia, Israel and Turkey.

(2) to be a powerful investment vehicle for investors, traders, professionals, entrepreneurs and everybody who wants to have a stake in the future of the crypto technology world. 

Investors from all over the world will be invited to place their investments using the major crypto currencies (bitcoin, litecoin, others).  Investments start at 50 shares, at bitcoin 0.001 per share.

– Arrangement and management by Cornupia Capital Ltd.

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Image credits: Coindesk