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Latin Americans Now have a Bitcoin Networking Space on Linkedin

Are you a Latin American Professional, Entrepreneur and/or Business person? If Yes, you need to know this!


Bitcoin para Profesionales, Emprendedores y Negocios is set to become The #1 Bitcoin Networking Space for Latinos. The community (only in spanish) allows its members to learn, network, share knowledge, exchange experiences related to bitcoin, and why not find a new job in the crypto space!

The group is a new release of the Cryptor Trust Inc. Think Tank. Established last week, it’s already the largets bitcoin community in spanish on Linkedin. Gabriel Drach is host and manager of the community.

Cryptor Trust Inc. has established a comprehensive Latin American community that also includes Aula Bitcoin, an educational and news website in spanish language. Chief Editor of the blog is also Gabriel Drach.

Gabriel is a member of the Board of Directors of Cryptor Latam Inc. and President of Cryptor Foundation Latin America.

Aula Bitcoin – An educational resource for Latinos

Aula Bitcoin is an educational resource and news blog for latin americans. Its mission is to empower the spanish speaking population in all subjects related to bitcoin, the usage of crypto-currencies and the amazing potential of crypto technologies.

Image source: Coinsetter

Aula Bitcoin was founded by Gabriel Drach, current Editor in Chief. Gabriel is also a Board Member at Cryptor Latam Inc.

Aula Bitcoin Latin America is an initiative of the Cryptor Trust Inc. Think Tank, on its aim to bring bitcoin to the masses.

If you would like to collaborate with Aula Bitcoin as a writer in spanish, please email Gabriel to