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Cryptor Trust seek to add more Ambassadors from the Middle East to its worldwide network of more than 100+ representatives and advisors across different regions.

Those applying will join us as representatives and pass through a 6 months trial period. Successful candidates will earn the title of Ambassador. By definition, ambassadors are trusted collaborators entitled to support the company’s efforts to better serve the development of the bitcoin economy, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding the local Bitcoin landscape.
  • Assessing on existing challenges and opportunities.
  • Building up relations with local thought leaders and community members.

Interested parties can find out more details about the position and apply today by visiting this page.

David Young is named Cryptor Trust Ambassador

David Young is named Cryptor Trust Ambassador in the US. David has extensive experience, skills, and knowledge of the financial markets, money and banking, and economics in the United States. David built from scratch the world’s premiere full service financing business serving the entire secondary ticket market.