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[Quick update for investors…] 

Buy shares before December 31st_

Blockchain Investor Inc. (Asia) campaign will last 7 days more. Our payment facility accepts bitcoin and most popular altcoins.

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Review the company investment prospectus_

The prospectus will provide you a strong background and overview about the company, its purpose, background, staff and market analysis including:

*Company structure, background, strategy
*Investment procedure
*Asian stock markets
*Global demographic trends
*Opportunities for investors
*Bitcoin and blockchain

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From the Bitcoin Investor blog_

Why Asia’s Bitcoin Blockchain Industry Will Skyrocket in 2016

Cryptor Trust informs on the potential of the bitcoin blockchain industry in the asian continent for 2016 and successive years. A brief analysis available for readers on the Bitcoin Investor Blog.

→ Blockchain Predictions for 2016

  1. Bitcoin as a currency/store of value re-emerges as theme
  2. When price starts to increase, flywheel effect begins…
  3. Wall Street begins to trade bitcoin

Find more about blockchain predictions and forecasts for Asia

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