Buy Shares at Cryptor Latam Inc. (CLI) using Bitcoin

Cryptor Latam Inc., an innovative investment company and Think Tank focused on bitcoin and crypto related assets, announces the launch of its capital raising campaign.

Cryptor Latam Inc., part of the Cryptor Trust Inc. group, is the world’s first corporation with a formal capital structure based on bitcoin. Corporate documents and shares are legally nominated in bitcoin.

The company seeks to raise 25.000 bitcoin in funds from May the 21st to June the 6th (closing at 8pm, Buenos Aires time), with a total placement of 25 million shares.

Investors can now buy shares at Cryptor Latam Inc. at a fixed price of 0.001 bitcoins per share. Minimum investment is 25 shares (bitcoin 0.025). As a guidance, the company had structured mini lots of 100 shares each, lots of 1000 shares each, and a block of a million shares each, for large and/or institutional investors. Interested parties from all over the world are invited.

Of the company’s culture and aspirations, Geir Solem, Chairman at Cryptor Latam Inc. said:

We are determined to become the leading investment company in the bitcoin ecosystem. This is the first company in the world with a formal bitcoin capital structure, shares are paid and legally nominated in bitcoin. We believe that disruptive changes need to be embraced. We have understood and defined that as part of our corporate culture, which is taking us to build a one of a kind organization.”

Of the company’s fundraising, Maximiliano Garcia, Deputy Board Member at Cryptor Latam Inc. said:

“We make a difference by inviting everybody to participate, from all over the world. We have designed an investment vehicle for the whole bitcoin community to have access to, whether you can invest $50 or $100.000 dollars (or its equivalent on other fiat currency) converted to bitcoin. So far, we are amazed by the excitement received from people in our network, and particularly thankful with our official members.”   

During its initial startup phase, Cryptor Trust Inc. has developed a unique go to market strategy by building a Think Tank with a rich diversity of technologists, researchers, educators, investors, futurists, entrepreneurs and other top thinkers, to identify powerful trends in the bitcoin ecosystem. At the same time, they run The Bitcoin Networking Group, one of the largest networking communities on Linkedin.

Cryptor Latam Inc. funds will be managed by Cornupia Capital Ltd., an asset management and investment banking firm.

The investment prospectus is now available! 
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