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Blockchain Investor Inc. (BI)
This is the private area for shareholders in the merged Blockchain Investor Inc.  A merger of former Cryptor Trust investment entities, the latest to be merged in is Blockchain Venture III Inc. (BVIII).

Blockchain Investor Bearer Token (BIB) operates on the Ethereum blockchain so it can never be censored or have any downtime. The BIB Token is currently under distribution to the equity holders of  Blockchain Investor (BI).

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Blockchain Asset Exchange Inc. (BAE)
This is a private area for the merged Blockchain Asset Exchange Inc. and Blockchain Currency Exchange shareholders only. Are you an investor at BAE?  Access Now

Blockchain  Investment Inc.  (BII)
This is a private area for Blockchain Investment Inc.  shareholders only.  Are you an investor at BII?  Access Now

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