Join our Staff

We are recruiting Bitcoin enthusiasts to the Foundation, join us now !  This page will be used to list our staff names, position, etc. The positions are based on voluntary work and are unpaid. However, the Foundation will gradually seek to have a core of paid staff in the future.

You can also  join some of the positions as an intern for a period of time like 3, 6 or 12 months, and have the possibility to work from where you already are located or join our office.

Open positions

– Community managers / International Networking – Tasks: blogging / featuring new members and donors (if they want to) / building up our social media channels / participating on external forums, groups, etc

– Membership Center reps – Tasks: finding partnerships with all kind of bitcoin related companies selling products or services. Partnerships will be focused on providing exclusive members only benefits.

– International Secretary – Assist the President of the Foundation in all areas of the organization. Tasks: supervise interns performance, write and send minutes of meetings, take care of membership registry/record, answer emails, etc.

– Film crew to produce our videos and presentations. If you have experience with camera and video production you should joins us.

– Research related to Bitcoin & the Blockchain.

Go to the member area (Only registered members have access) for further details on how to apply for the positions.