As part of ourThink Tank concept, and to facilitate communication between our  members, Cryptor Foundaiton has numerous forums:

Global Forums

Our Bitcoin discussion groups is among the absolute top groups out there. The groups are turning into a powerful alumni space where Bitcoin experts from all over the world are joining discussions and actively participating.

Linkedin Group

Facebook Group

Cryptor Trust Telegram Group           Channel

Cryptor Trust VK Group                         VK page

Reddit Group

Latin American Forums

Visit our Latin American blog’s and discussion groups. They are about Bitcoin and what it means for you,

Aula Bitcoin blog and our Linkedin discussion group Bitcoin, Blockchain & FinTech en Espanol are both in Spanish.

Bitcoin Uruguay
A Facebook group in Spanish for the Bitcoin Community.

Aula Bitcoin Brasil a Brazilian blog about Bitcoin, and the Linkedin Group Aula Bitcoin Brasil, are both in Portuguese. Thriving new forums for the Bitcoin enthusiast.