Our Structure


The Cryptor Foundation is a global organization with representatives distributed internationally. As a cohesive force, they remotely plan and coordinate the development of the network worldwide.

The foundation is leaded by an International Council, being this the major governing body.


Regionally, the Cryptor Foundation has organizational bodies meant to develop the organization’s network. This regional structures help to direct the foundation’s efforts, as differences across regions and countries are substantial.

They all have autonomy, and follow the guidelines agreed with the central foundation. They name representatives, organize, run programs and collaborate with country chapter managers.

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 > Cryptor Foundation Latam (Excluding Brazil)

> Cryptor Foundation Brazil

> Cryptor Foundation Europe

> Cryptor Foundation Africa

> Cryptor Foundation North America

> Cryptor Foundation Asia Pacific (Excluding India)

> Cryptor Foundation India

> Cryptor Foundation Middle East


On a local basis, country chapters are generally managed by a designated representative working in coordination with the regional entity. Representatives can recruit volunteers across their territory, opening sub-chapters to work in an organized and coordinated manner. More about Local Chapters!Learn more about Representatives…


Globally, the Cryptor Foundation has a designated Endowment Fund. As per each region, traditional standard funds are defined. The respective region will manage and decide how funds are used in the context of the guidelines agreed and the agenda of activities settled. 

This organization helps to maintain each region’s autonomy,  while supporting the global fund on the realization of major size initiatives.