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Banking Is Only The Start: 20 Big Industries Where Blockchain Could Be Used

Banking and payments aren’t the only industries that could be affected by blockchain tech. Cybersecurity, music, and auto also could be transformed.

In the Future, Ownerless Companies Will Live on the Blockchain

The blockchain may then deliver the software smarts to eat away at parts of the economy we hadn’t considered. If tomorrow’s companies do own themselves, an entire machine-powered ecosystem of business transactions will emerge. It’s a mysterious future to fathom, but like the internet before it, human society after the proliferation of the blockchain will be as unfamiliar to us as anything we’ve experienced.

Future of Finance

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are part of a technology “megatrend” that could change the fundamental mechanics of transactions, according to Part 2 of Goldman Sachs’ equity research analysts on “The Future of Finance” report.

The Socialization of Finance

Part 3 of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Research Report
“The Future of Finance” – March 13, 2015

Financial Inclusion – 2014 World Bank Findex Report

The Global Findex database provides in-depth data on how individuals save, borrow, make payments, and manage risks. It is the world’s most comprehensive database on financial inclusion that consistently measures people’s use of financial services across countries and over time. The 2014 Global Findex consists of over 100 indicators, also shown by gender, income, and age.


Why The Blockchain Matters
Bitcoin makes money programmable. With Bitcoin, the world’s smartest and most creative software developers have an open platform on which to build products and services that will allow individuals, organisations and even machines to do business with each other more flexibly, more efficiently, more frequently and more productively.

Shaping Crypto Evolution