Coming Bitcoin Features

The future of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin foundation is developing new features for the crypto currency. As we learn new features being developed we will publish them in this forum.


Who support Bitcoin Cash (the complete list)


A Beginners Guide to Surviving a Coin-split. Prepare you for a Bitcoin split.


Bitcoin Miners Signal Revolt Amid Sluggish BlockchainMarch 13th 2017

  • ‘Bitcoin Unlimited’ gains support of world’s largest miner
  • Opponents say move could split bitcoin into two currencies


Bitcoin Core version 0.14.0 released 8 March 2017 See the full details here.


Video Bitcoin Core – Development 2016 Activity Report

Published on Jan 9, 2017

Bitcoin Core Development Stats 2016 including Git Visualisation.


SegWit Explained: What is Segregated Witness and How Does It Work?

Published on Oct 30, 2016
An explanation of the Bitcoin scaling and transaction malleability solution Segregated Witness.


What’s New in Bitcoin Core 0.13.0? August 22nd 2016. See the features here.


SegWit & Soft Forks & Sidechains, Oh, My! – Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin

The Daily Decrypt by Amanda B. Johnson
Published on Jan 28, 2016
What is ‘Segregated Witness’ and what’s its purpose? How do soft forks work and what do they make possible? What the %^&* is a sidechain?


Shaping Crypto Evolution