Bitcoin as a digital currency and regulatory issues

The World Largest Economy in 2020 (Not the US and China)
Investment Banker Geir Solem on the future of Bitcoin and the role he see for this Crypto Currency in the informal economy.
OECD expect that two-thirds of the world’s workers will work more or less in this economy called system “D”. ” System D is a slang phrase pirated from French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean.

How Bitcoin Will End the Nation State
Jeffrey Tucker, Video source Elliott Wave Technician, NextNewsNetwork November 21 2013.
The potential impact of Bitcoin on the global economy.What is bitcoin, and why is it suddenly the hottest thing in the global currency market? What is the consequences for money and banking? Going from the physical to the digital world with emoney and 3D printing, is this the end of copyrights, patents etc, and even shipping ?

Bitcoin, Digital Currency and the internet of Money:  Innovations in Global Commerce
by Paul J. Dravis, Dravis group, February the 7th 2014
A brief history of  currency, initiatives by global regulators, a timeline of notable events, firms developing digital currency products and services, and innovations supporting the development of the “Internet of Money”.

Bitcoin: A Primer for Policymakers
Mercatus Center, George Mason University, August 20, 2013
This study examines some of the current laws and regulations around bitcoin and offers suggestions as to how bitcoin should be treated by regulators going forward.

Nerdy Money: Bitcoin, the Private Digital Currency and the Case Against Its Regulation
Temple Law Review, March 31, 2012
This paper examines the legal grounds on which the U.S. government can or cannot regulate bitcoin.

Bitcoin: An Innovative Alternative Currency
Reuben Grinberg, November 11, 2011
A Yale University thesis paper that examines the legal issues facing bitcoin’s widespread adoption (legal section begins on pg. 186).

The Way Forward for Digital Currencies
Promontory Sightlines, September 18, 2013
Adam Shapiro of Promontory offers an analysis of digital currencies and recommendations to digital currency supporters looking to evaluate and potentially overcome regulatory hurdles.

Shaping Crypto Evolution