Suhas Hegde


Suhas loves technology, networking, problem solving, and to add flavor to his days, music of various genres. His fascination with computers lead him to pursue his bachelors in Computer Science at MS Ramaiah Institue Of Technology, Bangalore. India is a diverse nation having a population of 1.25 billion people, and Suhas envisions a great future for this untapped market.

Currently, Suhas is promoting bitcoin adoption in India by introducing students, businesses, and entrepreneurs to the revolutionary technology that is completely changing the way we carry out transactions. He says, the younger generation finds the traditional banking system very superannuated and slow, though it may not completely replace our fundamental financial institutions,bitcoin is definately the way to go!

A passionate professional with in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin and digital currency, and the desire to bridge the gaps across the world through this unifying technology has been like a dream come true.

One world. One currency.

Shaping Crypto Evolution