Ndung’u Njau

Hey there, my name is Ndung’u Njau but you called me Mr. Njau. I am Kenyan youth who is overly enthusiastic about technology especially computer- related technology. Just like fire revolutionized early man’s life, I believe that comp. tech. is revolutionizing and will continue to revolutionize the way we do things. From communication to transport to commerce, every aspect of our lives is adopting tech faster than you can say third world.

Of all computer technologies, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies fascinate me most. They are revolutionizing the way in which we do business making boundaries and central banks obsolete. As if that’s not enough, people are coming up with alternative uses for block chain tech. which seems to be infinite.

Coming from Africa, I strongly believe that we are ready for this new kind of currency. Kenya in specific pioneered mobile banking which goes to show just how ready we are. I believe that block chain is the solution to the many ‘man made’ problems faced by so many African countries; food shortage, corruption, land disputes, election disputes, poverty and many others.

Lack of knowledge coupled with misleading information of this mind blowing tech has reduced its uptake in the continent. This has locked so many people from reaping the huge returns that comes with it.

Through articles and videos, I hope to spread the good news that is block chain to anyone and everyone in hope of changing the world one bitcoin at a time!

Shaping Crypto Evolution