K. Suresh Menon

K. Suresh Menon is a Graduate in Public Administration and a certified forestry professional with Management qualifications.

Suresh worked in the Kerala forest Development Corporation from 4/1977 to 11/2014. He is a retired Assistant General Manager from a Government Corporation in Kerala engaged in Forestry, Eco Tourism, Spice Cultivation and environmental matters. Have pioneered several projects which have turned out to be profit centers for the Corporation during service.

After retirement he has been working as an Independent Consultant in the Plantation Sector, and has been actively interested in the Financial and money markets even when serving. Investor in stocks, crypto currency, Real estate and other asset classes Interest in the field of Crypto currency has been a passion since he researched about it. He would like to be a party to the introduction of Crypto currency as a primary International currency accepted by all countries of the world. Spend time mostly on researching on the developments in this field.Interested in early-stage Financial Technology startups. Already backing moves to bring India on to the Crypto currency map.

Suresh is entrepreneurial, but work well as a team player. He is focused more on profitability and strategy than sales revenues. He has over 40 years, experience and background has given him the tools to critique an overall business model. His long-term goals include assisting in shaping and advising introducing Blockchain Technology and Digital CryptoCurrency businesses in India and elsewhere whilst allowing him time to devote to highly worthwhile activities, although less compensated; such as charity, volunteering, and environmental issues.

Shaping Crypto Evolution