Corporate Structure

Cryptor Trust  and affiliated companies – Investor in Bitcoin, Blockchain, FinTech and Crypto related assets worldwide,  and organized like limited investment companies, each with their own Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Committees, etc.

Board of Directors – Cryptor Trust and each of it’s affiliated companies will have a board of 3-5 directors that reflect the shareholder structure and with a diversified background from Bitcoin, Blockchain, FinTech & Crypto related areas.

Advisory Boards – Cryptor Trust and each of it’s major affiliates companies will have an Advisory Board  of around 10 – 15 members with a broad, diverse and deep knowledge from crypto currencies, Blockchain, FinTech and related businesses / areas of interest.

Cornupia Capital Ltd.  – financial advisor and manager of Cryptor Trust. Cornupia Capital Ltd. a global financial advisory service in mergers & acquisitions, offshore structures, corporate restructuring and asset management.

Elliott Wave Technician –  a forecasting and research service based on economical cycles, demographics and Elliott Wave theory.

Investments in Bitcoin Blockchain & FinTech Assets