Justin Caravaggio

Justin holds a BSc in Biochemistry and MSc in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, where he studied novel mechanisms of atherosclerosis and vascular pathology and published his work in scholarly journals.


He gained professional experience at Ernst & Young working as an analyst with the IT Risk & Assurance, and the Fraud Investigation Dispute Service lines.

Justin currently trades and invests in stocks, options, crypto-currencies and precious metals. He leverages his background in data analysis, trend identification, and experimental optimization processes to reinforce his investment and trading decisions.

Justin is excited to be involved in the crypto-currency space, as he believes we are witnessing the birth of a new asset class as well as subsequent entrepreneurial ventures and corporate/governmental adoption.  As such, he has attended crypto-related conferences and meet-ups, and has enrolled in cryptography and digital currency courses.  He is most intrigued by the public nature of the blockchain and its potential to eliminate the trust and cost dependencies typically associated with third parties, as well as the formulation of laws and regulations surrounding the adoption and widespread use of crypto-currencies.

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