Chiraag Patel

Chiraag Patel is the Senior Reporting Analyst and Editor at Lets Talk Payments – a global initiative focused on covering US, Europe and Asia innovations related to payments. Chiraag runs the Bitcoin category on, writing articles on all major developments and events in the space.


Chiraag received his Bachelors in Mechanical at R.V College of Engineering, one of India’s highest ranked colleges.

His interest in virtual currency began 2004 while playing an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), where users could spend real money to buy game cash known as ‘gPotatoes’. These gPots could then be used for buying a variety of items/goods and other paraphernalia in a number of games.

This combination of an in-game cash shop linked directly to a users preferred payment method in the game itself is excellent. Combine that with bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter, and you have some very serious implications.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, Chiraag began taking a deep interest in all things related to Bitcoin, mainly focusing on the gambling and gaming industries. However, his expertise in the payments industry also leads him to believe that bitcoin could revolutionize the way we do payments – especially remittance – in a very big way

Twitter: @chiraagpatel21 | Linkedin Profile

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