Andrew Wagner

Andrew is a tutor of math, science and writing who has been heavily involved in the Vancouver Meet Up community, where he helped organize non-profit groups while working in venue promotion. He found Bitcoin via his participation in gaming and other online communities.


While he still tutors mathematics to keep sharp, Andrew now promotes only Bitcoin (and other alternative currency) venues. He is one of the primary organizers of the Vancouver Bitcoin Meet Up, and the Director of Public Relations for the Bitcoin Cooperative. Andrew spearheaded merchant adoption in Vancouver, having signed up the world’s first Indian restaurant, the Waves that houses the world’s first ATM, Vancouver’s first nightclub, and more!

Andrew maintains good relations with numerous former and current start-ups in the Bitcoin space. He helps companies form partnerships and find new opportunities, and utilizes sponsors to fund non-profit Bitcoin outreach. He is the founder and lead coordinator of CoinFest, the first “decentralized” decentralized currency convention.

Shaping Crypto Evolution