William Gleim

William Gleim (Bill), MSc Machine Learning, current focus on Cryptocurrency Informatics.

William Gleim

Prior to its acquisition by Google, Bill created & led the first in-house penetration test team at Motorola with a focus on client-server architectures.  Bill trained Motorola teams across the United States in secure architecture & coding techniques.  In 2009 Bill was lead inventor of three patents in the field of mobile security and secure system architectures (http://patents.justia.com/inventor/william-l-gleim).  In 2010 Bill cracked a streaming video client SDK prior to production, resulting in dramatic architectural and procedural modifications.  Bill created and ran the Motorola/Google SDK security team from 2011 to 2012, implementing a very strong static & dynamic testing methodology employed across a range of products.

Since 2012 Bill has been immersed in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies & distributed consensus.  Bill values decentralized security models, particularly after developing an expertise with security models dependent on a central authority.  Bill has started & run two early-stage companies and is currently working with multiple cryptocurrency-based startups in varying capacities.

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