R. J. Raljoseph Ricasata

R.J. Raljoseph Ricasata is curator at Airbitz building the easiest to use and easiest to secure mobile Bitcoin wallet alongside a comprehensive and quality Bitcoin business directory.


RJ Raljoseph Ricasata


RJ studied at San Diego State University where he earned his BS Degree in Accounting. His skills in data analysis and quality assurance were further honed by years of experience in positions that he held at CoreLogic, Intuit and AbacusLaw.


In 2012, RJ first heard about Bitcoin and shortly after he began operations of building Scrypt Mining Rigs to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency. Since then, he has joined the team at Airbitz to help bring Bitcoin to the masses with their products.


When RJ isn’t busy mining or helping build the Bitcoin infrastructure, he likes to spend time at the gym, playing the piano, and relaxing with his family.

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