Lisa Cheng

Lisa is Director at Vanbex Group, a consulting firm on digital currencies, Blockchain protocols, and decentralized technology.

Lisa Cheng

Lisa is a former developer  for The Omni Foundation (Former Mastercoin Foundation).

The Omni Foundation is developing  the next decade of Bitcoin technology where secure data transactions can occur instantaneously over an open and transparent network.

Omni Foundation builds on top of the Bitcoin infrastructure by offering functions like user-defined security for transacting sensitive information.

The Omni Foundation is a non-profit organization that encourages the continued growth and development of Bitcoin by providing development and marketing resources to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Her specialties include Business Development, Account Management, Strategy and Analysis, Investment and Trade in Blue Chip and Small Cap, Lead Demand Generation, Consultative Sales, Negotiations, and Vertical Marketing.

Investments in Bitcoin Blockchain & FinTech Assets