Leo Dominguez

Leo is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of BitSent Inc. based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Leo Dominguez

BitSent’s mandate is to make digital currencies accessible to everyone.  BitSent is accomplishing this by educating the uninformed, building trust in the Bitcoin community, and by selling Bitcoin via its mobile agents and its fleet of Bitcoin Vending Machines.

BitSent is committed to being proactively compliant with regulators and working with them to make Canada a leader in the Bitcoin industry.

Leo believes digital currencies have the ability to make positive change in the world and works to help humanity live up to its potential.

Leo also operates a private Bitcoin mining pool, and a cloud hosting provider.

Leo studied Engineering and Science at the University of Waterloo, earning a B.Sc. in Honours Science with a Biology Minor and Scientific Computing Option.

He is a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation and serves on the Life Boat Foundation’s Advisory Board for New Money Systems.

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