Joe Ventura

Joe Ventura is the Founder of AlphaPoint.
Joe Ventura
He is a world leading architect of high performance messaging and database systems, including the AlphaPoint Digital Currency Exchange platform which is able to process over one million transactions per second on a highly robust and fault tolerant database. Bringing over 15 years of financial experience, Joe aligns his passion for scalable systems, with financial technology systems, powering digital currency and commodity exchanges globally.

Joe has applied his expertise in database and platform security by designing the AlphaPoint exchange to protect assets even in the event of a full breach by implementing an advanced multi-signature wallet system ensuring asset security.

While completing his BS in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, Joe designed and implemented a full-featured futures and options trading platform for a Chicago based broker. The platform is used in production today in both the United States and China. A more challenging and interesting project emerged from the popularity of high-frequency-trading. Joe solved the daunting task of near-real-time risk analysis for high volume orders and trades flowing through gateways at top-tier banks including Deutsche Bank and UBS. Using a custom designed database, the system is able to processes hundreds of thousands of orders and trades per second while allowing risk administrators to perform fast queries and analysis on the data.

Joe’s passion lies making the world a better place via digital currencies, smart contracts and highly secure exchange technologies.

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