Ermal Mandija

Ermal “Eric” Mandija, MsF, JD, LLM  is a legal and financial professional, and CFO of M 2 Systems, Inc.

Mr. Mandija holds a Master of Science in Finance, a Juris Doctorate as well as a Master of Laws. Mr. Mandija graduated with distinction from the Georgetown University Law Center with a concentration in Securities and Financial Regulations, and International Commercial Arbitration  and Dispute Resolution.

Mr. Mandija also holds certificates from the Delaware Institute of Corporate and Business Law in Business Advising and Business Organizations Law. Mr. Mandija has presented a comparative multi-state real property tax analysis before the Delaware Chamber of Commerce Tax Committee proposing new legislation aimed at reducing budget deficits.

Mr. Mandija has recognized the potential of blockchain technology and has written memorandums on the use of blockchain technology as a regulatory tool. His focus in this respect has been to dissuade legislators from regulating this technology so as to allow it to flourish and better understand its full potential.

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