Dion M. Wilson

Dion M. Wilson is an entrepreneur and investor in Blockchain related businesses.


He has additionally spent over 10 years managing and implementing biometric and other defense technologies in support to NATO and US DOD operations worldwide.

Founder of Titanium Publishing, LLC which accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment and actively integrates Blockchain technologies into its business platform.

Founder of Archbishop Technology, LLC, an investment company  focused on  2nd gen Blockchain innovations, apps, interruption software, aerial and subaquatic technologies.

Dion became fascinated with the development of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain and not long after became an investor in this area.

As a futurist greatly inspired by the philosophies and works of Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project and the mission of Aubrey de Grey’s SENS Research Foundation, he also researches and invests in how various business models and life science projects can be integrated onto the blockchain.

Dion continues to keep  his finger on the pulse of digital currency, social media innovation and advanced technologies.

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