Dion M. Wilson

Founder and CEO of Rast·r Technologies and Multiverse!TM,  Mr. Wilson and his team are involved in creating software solutions for independent media entertainment publishers. These solutions are focused on improving issues which affect the economic, collaborative and brand identification for producers in this underserved market.


Mr. Wilson is involved in an ambitious undertaking of creating an interconnected cloud based applications environment. An environment built using blockchain programming, data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other features.

When time permits he can be found reading about science, technology, economics and social psychology. Mr. Wilson considers himself a futurist and through his Mother EngineTM brand,  is in the early stages of developing technologies aimed at collective governance and human species preservation.

In Q4 2022, Mr. Wilson will be in Rome on special invite. There he and his uniquely esteemed colleagues will meet with Pope Francis.  Together they will participate in the presentation of the Papal Bull of the Canonization of Saint Antonio di Padua replica to the Holy Father. These 29 will also recieve a special Papal Edition of the same. This work will be bestowed on the Pope and those 29 who contributed to the restoration and longevity of the original parchment. Mr. Wilson counts himself fortunate to be one of these people.

If you would like an opportunity to speak with Mr. Wilson about blockchain, business or technology, please connect with him online at:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dw3/

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