Chris Wallwork

Chris is a Crypto Currency expert at SendMoneyEasy.

Chris Wallwork

Chris is working on creating a more efficient payment and remittance system. Working on this project introduced Chris to Bitcoin.

Chris is the co-founder of Incredible-Mind, a company that provides neurofeedback with the latest and best technologies available. This amazing neurofeedback has become extremely effective, since computers are now capable of processing brainwave data in real-time. The results seen from his clients are just short of miraculous and include no longer needing medication for ADD/ADHD, sleep issues resolved, anxiety reduced tremendously, getting people get through their PTSD that they have been fighting for years, enhanced sports performance and tremendous personal growth.

Coming from a technology background, Chris continues to show he is still a geek when helping clients with their websites, databases, videos, programming, PhotoShop, electronics and Internet Marketing.

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