Brian Nelson

Brian is Co founder of Digital Currency Solutions (DCS).

Brian Nelson

DCS provides initial and ongoing review and analysis of compliance and operating risks of entities engaged in digital currency businesses. Our primary focus is to provide additional substance for bond underwriters, bankers and investors to ensure they make well informed decisions.

He is also Director of National Money Transmitter Association.

My work at the NMTA is to build the community by uniting and connecting new industry members like Bitcoin exchangers with veteran members. By planning and hosting industry events as well as developing the association’s communication tools, I work to bring educational and networking opportunities to our members.

Since 1999, the NMTA has represented the interests of the money transfer industry. Working with industry leaders, government officials and state regulators, the NMTA strives to ensure money transfer businesses dealing in the US fully understand the regulatory landscape and how to ensure compliance.


Disruptive Ideas Evangelist and Business Development Practitioner

Connecting people and growing businesses are my passions. I’m always looking to connect with great people doing great things. My desire to disrupt the conventional has brought me in contact with amazing people who have helped me dream bigger. My goal is to do the same for others.

I’m currently focused on supporting members of the money transmitter industry through my involvement in the National Money Transmitters Association. I also have an interest in helping FinTech (Bitcoin) companies disrupt the world’s financial systems in the pursuit of growing and strengthening the world economy.

Digital Currency Event Participation

– Sponsor – Bitcoin 2013
– Speaker – Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas, 2013
– Expert Panelist – Inside Bitcoins New York, 2014
– Speaker – ACI: Virtual & Digital Currency and Payment Systems, 2014
– Event Organizer – NMTA: Virtual Currency Compliance Conference, 2014

Advising and Consulting

– Advisor/Consultant – Paybits, LLC.
– Advisory Board Member and Director – Diamond Circle
– Advisory Board Member – Cryptor Trust, Inc.
– Advisory Board Member – Lifeboat Foundation


Community Development
MSB Regulations
Surety Bonds
Sales & Sales Management
Business Development
Leadership & Sales Training
Marketing & Sales Strategy
Event Coordination

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