Adam Weigold

Adam Weigold, PhD is a physicist, Technologist, Business Strategist,  and a Serial Entrepreneur. He is Co founder and CEO of the SASM Institute.

Adam Weigold

Adam is a start-up veteran with over 20 years of technology innovation and business management experience. He has founded or co-founded seven technology start-ups in Industrial Lasers, Medical Lasers, Therapeutic Services, Telecommunications, Directed Energy, Computer Bus Platforms, and Social Media technologies. Adams primary area of expertise lies at the intersection of technology and business with a focus on innovative early stage companies. A vocal supporter of the digital currency movement he has a varied publication list including numerous patents, scientific papers, technical white papers, market research reports, information memorandums, magazine articles and blog articles. For a recent blog publication by Adam on digital currencies visit “Is 2014 the Year of the Bitcoin?”.

Adams current interests include:

• Digital Currencies

• Wearable Computers

• Photonics and Lasers

• 3D Printing

• Crowdfunding

• Futurism

Shaping Crypto Evolution