Advisory Board North America

  • Andrew “Flip” Filipowski is one of the world’s most successful high-tech entrepreneurs, philanthropists and industry visionaries. He is Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of SilkRoadEquity.
  • Jeffrey Tucker is Editor-in-Chief at Laissez-Faire Books, Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education,and Research Fellow at Acton Institute.
  • Fares Nimri, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Engineer & MBA.
  • Jessica Besseling is Senior Director of Business Development at GoCoin.
  • Kevin Barnes is is Founder and CEO  of Playcoin Entertainment Corp, and serve on the New Money Systems Board at the Lifeboat Foundation.
  • Joseph VaughnPerling, CISSP is Security and Authentication Capability Manager at British Telecom Global Services and Owner of New Liberty Dollar.
  • Matthew Stephenson is CEO/Cofounder at Cryptocoin.
  • William Gleim (Bill), MSc Machine Learning, current focus on Cryptocurrency Informatics.
  • Denise Anderson, sometimes called the Queen of Bitcoin is a technology & security expert. She is a Board Member of the Irish Bitcoin Fundation and the Lifeboat Foundation.
  • Joe Ventura is the Founder of AlphaPoint.
  • Brian Nelson is Co founder of Digital Currency Solutions (DCS).
  • Chris Wallwork  is a Crypto Currency expert at SendMoneyEasy.
  • R.J. Raljoseph Ricasata is curator at Airbitz building the easiest to use and easiest to secure mobile Bitcoin wallet alongside a comprehensive and quality Bitcoin business directory.
  • Adam Weigold, PhD is a physicist, Technologist, Business Strategist,  and a Serial Entrepreneur. He is Co founder and CEO of the SASM Institute.
  • Justin Salmeron is CFO of Dock Street Holding Company, LLC  that primarily focus on Crypto Currency related projects.
  • John Mardlin is Founder and CEO of CoinForest, the first online store providing products specially for using, storing and sharing Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies.
  • Leo Dominguez is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of BitSent Inc.
  • Oladapo Ajayi is Founder of Coinsigner.
  • Nathan Wosnack is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in crypto currencies. He is involved as an advocate, miner, trader, and community spokesperson.
  • Dion M. Wilson is an entrepreneur and investor in Blockchain related businesses.
  • Ermal Mandija is a legal and financial professional, and CFO of M 2 Systems, Inc.

We are in the process of publishing members now, we will publish a bio on all members over the next few weeks.



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