Joseph Bernard Shirk III

Joseph is an enthusiast in Open Source, Share Economics, Maker Culture, and Distributed Information Platforms.

Joseph Shirk

He is a graduate of the prestigious Defense Language Institute where he studied the Russian language.

He began his career as a linguist-analyst for the National Security Agency where he turned his interests to communications systems, information systems, networking, databases and software development.

Over the past 20 years he worked as an IT consultant and software developer in the education, financial, real estate, hospitality and business trust industries, and has been Chief Technology Officer and lead developer of a Microsoft Partner in Florida and Chief Information Officer of a Wireless networking company in Brazil.

He takes long sabbaticals from industry to travel, write, philosophize, and volunteer as an English teacher in South America. He has an intimate love for the peoples of the Amazon region of Brazil where he has been adopted as an ‘honorary indian.’

His writing focuses on the Turning of the Age – the transformation of civilization as we know it, and sees the awakening of a networked humanity throwing off its dependence on financial oligarchy and turning to collaborative, anarchic peer-to-peer systems evolving out of crypto-currency technologies.

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