Geir Solem

Geir is the initiator and Chairman of Cryptor Trust Inc. group of companies and Chief Editor of Bitcoin Investor. Geir is also the founder of Elliott Wave Technician and Cornupia Capital Ltd.  He is also President of the Cryptor Foundation .

Geir Solem

His specialties include: analysis of the financial market using demographics, economic cycles, and Elliott Wave theory / technical analysis.

Geir focuses on investment in long term trends around the world. He engages in trading of commodities, bonds, stocks, and currencies.

He is an adviser on corporate structures, offshore jurisdictions, offshore banking, asset protection, and corporate takeover defense.

He serves on the Finance Board, The Futurist Board and the New Monetary Systems Board at the Life Boat foundation.

Geir is a regular writer on Cryptor Trust‘s blog Bitcoin Investor. Follow the blog on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ or Tumblr.