Advisory Board Latin America

  • Marco Montes Neri, founder of and Qritix
  • Richard Amores is founder of Bitcoin Wallet Network.
  • Maximiliano Garcia is a contributor to Bitcoin Investor Blog
  • Gabriel Drach, Bitcoin community founder, Chief Editor of Aula Bitcoin, and project leader at Tata Consultantcy Service
  • Randy Brito, founder of Bitcoin Venezuela and co-founder of Café Bitcoin.
  • Gregory Simon, Entrepreneur and founder of Bitcoin Nicaragua.
  • Mario Medina Nussbaum, Entrepreneur and founder of Bitcoin Mexico group and the founder of
  • Jose Gabriel Miron Ortiz is CEO and founder at MEXBT.
  • Stephan van Erp, founder of Bitcoin Peru and chairman of XFerion Latin America S.A.
  • Jorge Arias, Co-Founder of Mundobitcoin  providing education in technical analysis for individuals and companies looking to trade with Bitcoin digital currency.
  • Cristian (Nubis) Bruno, Entrepreneur, startup advisor and software developer.
  • Pelle Braendgaard, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Kipochi Ltd. a bitcoin wallet with payment services for the unbanked world wide.
  • Joaquin Moreno, Regional manager for LATAM of ZipZap, a global network that allows people to buy and sell bitcoins with cash.
  • Joseph Bernard Shirk III, Enthusiast in Open Source, Share Economics, Maker Culture, and Distributed Information Platforms.

Visit Cryptor Trust’s Latin American blog’s and discussion groups. They are about Bitcoin and what it means for you,

The blog Aula Bitcoin and Linkedin discussion group Bitcoin Blockchain FinTech en Espanol are both in Spanish.

The Linkedin Group Aula Bitcoin Brasil, is in Portuguese.  A thriving new forum for the Bitcoin enthusiasts.

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