Yasen Yankov

Yasen Yankov is Chief Technical Officer at BitLendingClub LLC and co founder of Bitcoin Consulting LTD.

Yasen Yankov

He is a Development Lead and Process Manager with experience into several enterprise and start up oriented companies.  He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and started working on several bitcoin related projects.


As Chief Technical Officer at BitLendingClub LLC, company he is working on a peer – to – peer lending platform called BitLendingClub (http://bitlendingclub.com). With a  team of around 10 people and working hard to provide the next generation innovative crowd lending platform operating with Bitcoin crypto-currency. He is also CTO in BitFourKast LLC, working on a derivative exchange with futures contracts, settled with Bitcoins.


In the near future BitLendingClub will come out from it’s Public Beta and becoming the next easy-to-integrate lending platform using Bitcoin. We’re also working on finish the public beta for BitFourKast project.

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