Yannick Losbar

Yannick Losbar is the founder of Coinizy, a Bitcoin to Fiat Exchange.

Yannick Losbar

He has worked in several sectors including Payment Processors (esp. PayPal API) , Premium Rates Numbers , Phone Billing , Premium SMS+ at an european scale.

Yannick is strongly interested in CryptoCurrency and Entrepreneurship, and use his former experiences and both economic and science computing background to imagine and build the upcoming and leading crypto-economy infrastructures.

His latest project, Coinizy, is the first online fiat bank featuring BTC to Fiat (Coinizy USD) conversion, no-fees transfers between customers, several withdrawals methods (PayPal,Egopay,Okpay,Bank Wire) , and the issuing of dedicated debit cards linked to website’s e-wallets.

Yannick also manage one of the largest bitcoin community on Twitter, bringing Bitcoin news and iconic illustrations/memes to thousand of Bitcoiners : You can follow him on https://twitter.com/CryptoInvest

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