Filip Roose

Filip Roose is co-director of the Belgian Bitcoin Association and Sales and Marketing Manager at Sculped.


Filip Roose


Also he is involved in the Lifeboat foundation and numerous Bitcoin projects (mining, payment processing, etc.)
Filip is passionate about innovation and a hands-on type of person. He says “Standing still isn’t an option”.


In March 2013 he got interested in Bitcoin, thanks to a friend. And by the end of that same year he really “fell down the rabbit hole”. So by January 2014, he became one of the directors of the Belgian Bitcoin Association which is a nonprofit organization set up to promote, inform, and educate Bitcoin in Belgium.


Sculped is a spin-off within Drukkerij Roose BVBA (printing company). They specialized in Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D scanning and printing.


Filip is involved in Bitcoin since block #227676.


Shaping Crypto Evolution