Carl Sidenvall

Carl Sidenvall is a crowd funding entrepreneur and project manager studying trends and technology that empowers people over corporations. 

Carl Sidenvall

Carl is a Swedish resident.

Carl is a generalist in the old school sense with a background in product development and project management. Working to empower the public through his crowdfunding site/media agency that allow groups with messages that attract wide crowd support to buy media space.

Driven by an unquenchable curiosity for the actual workings of all things he is a classic know-it-all, but without the besserwisser attitude often accompanying that epithet. His most unique talent is an uncanny ability to understand implications of complex systems and to boil down many sources of information to concise conclusions.

A visionary and motivational personality that came in contact with Bitcoin in June 2013 when he was asked to aid mining hardware company KnC Miner in expanding their customer service.

Not a tech geek, rather a people geek.

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