Alberto Gomez Toribio

Alberto is an entrepreneur and founder of  Coinffeine.


Alberto Gomez Toribio


I’m Software Developer and i created the first Bitcoin Debit Card using open hardware and open software with a price lower than 20$, now in the process to industrialization.


At now I’m working to create the first P2P Bitcoin Exchange using a decentralized model of trust based on Game Theory, without banks, fees or third parties. On the near future we want to use the market implementation to create a decentralized Derivative Financial Market. 


Last September 2013 I created the prototype of the first Bitcoin Debit Card based on GPG Cards, using Open Hardware and Open Software. I improved these cards in order to support Elliptic Curve Criptography and allow to use it as Bitcoin Wallet with a final price lower than 20$.


The project is waiting for Paradigma Tecnológico, my partners on this venture, to resolve legal affairs and launch this product.


My own startup, Coinffeine, with a very talented team, coming from Microsoft, Telefónica I+D, and other big companies.

Coinffeine is a OpenSource and non-profit project which wants to solve the engineering challenge of exchange Money by Bitcoins in a decentralized, anonymous and secure way, without thirds parties, without banks, without fees.


In the near future we want to create a decentralized market to sell and buy financial derivatives without fees and in a securely way.

We are working on two challenges: A Game Theory model and a decentralized market implementation, we expect to show results as soon as possible.


Actually we have solved all theoretical and technical challenges and we are involved on development of the project behind closed doors until the project is ripe to be released to the opensource community.


Nice to meet you, and i hope feedback about Coinffeine project!

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