Advisory Board Europe

  • Member Constantine McKool is an entrepreneurship fiend turned angel investor.
  • Member Ian Scarffe is a Serial Entrepreneur, Analyst, Business Ambassador and Investor.
  • Member Fred Mazo is Co-Founder of Mundobitcoin providing education in technical analysis for individuals and companies looking to trade with Bitcoin digital currencies.
  • Sergei Kovalov is a serial entrepreneur and founder of BTC-SM.
  • Filip Roose is co-director of the Belgian Bitcoin Association and Sales and Marketing Manager at Sculped.
  • Alberto Gomez Toribio is an entrepreneur and founder of  Coinffeine.
  • Abir Awad is a researcher at the Software Research Institute (SRI), Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) within the Irish Centre of Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) in Ireland.
  • Yasen Yankov is Chief Technical Officer at BitLendingClub LLC and co founder of Bitcoin Consulting LTD.
  • Alessandro Moccia is an ICT security advisor  turned crypto financial evangelist. He is co-founder of BTCExpert  and he is co-founder of Art4Bit.
  •  Clement Francomme is the founder of Utocat, the dedicated access platform for Banks and Insurance companies.
  • Kenny Rokven is an entrepreneur and Founder of an instant way of buying crypto currencies in Holland.
  • Nicolas T. Courtois is a cryptologist and a Senior Lecturer at University College London.
  • Carl Sidenvall is a crowd funding entrepreneur and project manager studying trends and technology that empowers people over corporations. 
  • Yannick Losbar is the founder of Coinizy, a Bitcoin to Fiat Exchange.
  • Ilias Makropoulos Lalaounis is a startup enthusiast and co-founder of BitNPlay, a bitcoin-only poker platform that aims to decentralize online poker.
  • Androklis Polymenis (a.k.a. kLee in the cryptocurrency world) is a digital currency entrepreneur and owner of the startup company UbiCrypt.
  • Attila Molnár is a self-employed options trader and digital media expert turned bitcoin evangelist.
  • Nuno Edgar Fernandes is a Physics Engineer with a strong Science & Technology background,



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