Yudhajit Nag Sen

Yudhajit is Co-Founder & CTO at LivQuik.

Yudhajit Nag Sen

Launching QuikWallet, India’s first Mobile Wallet which allows consumers to make payments using their Smartphone. Consumers can scan a QR code, or Tap their NFC-enabled handset to pay.

Programming since childhood. ‘Polyglot’ programmer who knows his way around most of the important platforms.

Platform Expertise : Ruby on Rails, Node.js with Express/Railway, PHP , Java / J2EE.

Primary Languages : Ruby, Java, PHP, C / C++, Javascript / JQuery, Bash, HTML5/CSS3

Hobby languages : Erlang, Scala, Prolog , Sass/Less, Coffeescript, Haml, Jade

Databases : MySQL,Postgresql, Oracle, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, Neo4J , Riak

Tools / SDKs / Frameworks : Phonegap, Icenium, JQuery Mobile, Memcached, Varnish, Lucene/Solr/Elastic Search, Backbone.js

IDEs/Editors : Vim, Eclipse / Aptana, RadRails, RapidPHP

Specialties: Web development, Application development, Scripting, Information Architecture

Shaping Crypto Evolution