Simon Edhouse

Simon’s background spans Advertising, Music, Film and Video Production, High Technology Manufacturing and Software Development.


Simon Edhouse


During the 1990’s Simon served as Managing Director of Australian Holographics for 6 years, (1992-1998) building an international reputation and clientele for the company, selling large format holographic-displays to Expo 93 in South Korea, Holographic-Billboards for the Singapore Military and installations throughout Asia and Europe. Following his work in holographics he moved into Advertising, first as Alliance and Innovation Manager with DDB Digital in Sydney, then as Managing Director of OgilvyInteractive in Shanghai.


Simon holds a Master’s degree in ‘Commercialization of Science and Technology’ from Adelaide University, writing his Master’s thesis on future uses of Digital currencies, in 2006.


A special interest in distributed computing and disruptive innovation strategy, particularly as a means to do something remedial in relation to entrenched problems on the internet such as Music Piracy and endemic problems with web advertising, has become a guiding focus of Simon’s commercial endeavours, culminating in the formation of his most recent Company, Bittunes Pty Ltd in May 2013. Bittunes deals directly with the Music Piracy problem, with a carrot not a stick, rewarding artists fairly, and allowing users to potentially earn 5-10x profits on song purchases.


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