Sandy Peng

Sandy is CEO of UcanBit Ltd and Member of Culturecom Holdings Limited (00343.HK)

Sandy Peng

Sandy Peng is the CEO of Ucan Group, a leading a mobile games company operating under the HK listed Culturecom Limited (343).

Ucan has recently launched a Bitcoin mobile games platform called Ucanbit, promoting Bitcoin to the mainstream mobile game users and enable bitcoin payment for more mobile games on the market.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Sandy worked for the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, and was a strategy consultant in London. Graduated with honors from Cambridge University King’s College and London School of Economics.

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Sandy Peng是 Ucan Group的行政总裁, Ucan是香港上市公司文化传信(343)旗下的顶级港台手游开发,发行团队,多次成功开发发行googleplay store和IOS排名第一的手游。Sandy和她的Ucan团队最近推出了精心打造的Ucanbit比特币手游平台,希望能降低手游制造商的渠道成本,更希望通过手游让更多人了解比特币。




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